The mulberry season

Mulberry season is here. My tree, heavily pruned at the end of last season, is heavy with fruit. Depending on my share of the fruit (I have been watching some clever little birds who seem to be guarding the tree), I will make a batch of jam, mulberry syrup, dehydrated mulberry powder, and one big jar of pickled mulberries.

The pickled mulberries hold their shape well, and the sweet fruit balances the pickling brine well. They complement a soft goat cheese, and accompanied by some seasonal greens or foraged wild greens, make a sweet little salad. It is also a nice change to a cheese platter. Best of all, you can leave the stalk on - it makes them easier to eat off a platter, and makes the whole venture far less tiresome.

Once you have finished the mulberries, keep the vinegar. It makes an excellent salad dressing.

Inspired by Syd Pemberton’s recipe for spiced pickled pears in “Jams and Preserves”. A small nondescript book full of preserving magic.

Pickled mulberries

Makes a litre jar of pickled mulberries.


1 kg mulberries

500mL red wine vinegar

500g brown sugar

1 tsp whole cloves

1 vanilla bean, split

1. Place the clean dry mulberries in a sterilised jar (or several smaller ones).

2. Combine the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. Pour over the mulberries and seal.

3. Leave for several weeks before eating. Store in the fridge once opened.

Served here with watermelon pickles, goat cheese, Davidson Plum powder, pecans, basil flowers, pea shoots, dill and seasonal greens.