Raw pumpkin 'arancini'

Savoury bliss balls?

I know. But there are just some days that I don't feel like something sweet, but could really do with a ball-of-blissful-energy. These raw 'arancini' make a great dairy free snack. They are packed with nuts, probiotics, and are full of flavour. They are also a fun way to use dehydrated pumpkin powder made by my 5-going-on-6 year old niece and me (thanks Milla). 

Probiotic raw pumpkin arancini recipe

1 cup pecan nuts, soaked for 30minutes, drained, and processed until smooth w/ 2 probiotic capsules (optional, check dairy content if vegan), and 1 tbs apple cider vinegar (w/ the mother) 

2 tbs pepita seeds

2 tbs dehydrated pumpkin powder

1 tbs soaked raw buckwheat groats

1 tbs fresh dill 

Sprinkle of salt 

Black sesame seeds for rolling 


Place ingredients in order listed into bowl of food processor. Pulse until it comes together to form a ball. Use wet hands to roll into small balls and then coat with sesame seeds. 

Served with pumpkin powder and dehydrated pumpkin shards.